Global takeover: references

A case for “Global Takeover” of a “human computer chip version:” Detailed references. Status: On-going

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By Thomas Jones Bsc, LLB. 21 March 2021. Updated 7 Dec 2021

Global takeover: human’s “computer chip” version


Note:  Adding references bit by bit.


NB: things are accelerating so much in this last Covid year that it is incredibly difficult to keep up with the wave of shocking developments!

UpdateHumans Computer Chip ResearchSweden1 Dec 2021, 6000+ Vaccine passport QR Codes skin implantsMay 13 2018: 3000 volunteer RFID microchip skin implantsUpdate 1.6.21USARFID chip implant research goes back to 2004 See Below

UpdateChina 2021: surveillance society/ face scanners/ vaccine passport phone app cinema/ theatre, etc; 29 10.21: Wales Covid19 pass for Cinema/ theatre, already pass for clubs21 Oct 2021: Free cryptocurrency for data from 100,00 people’s iris scan. Lego land camps built around the world and supposedly for “Covid quarantine;” food prices doubling, USA, UK: PM Johnson: “nothing on shelves by November,” food prices increasing; global: food shortages in shops: some bare shelves, staff shortages blamed; global product prices increases inc energy companies. Update 18.10.21: Now 60 USA cargo ships. USA 19 cargo ships in California stopped from supplying, prices nearly doubled; UK energy prices 2-3 times higher; Cashless society: ‘Euro electronic currency:’ project (2021-2023), Christine Lagarde, Ex IMF head, now head of European Central Bank. Vaccine passport changed from Covid passport. Order out of Chaos: Vaccine replaced ‘Covid.’ Covid: no masks to vaccine passport/ cashless society in just over a year20 years from bio passport/body scanners/ face recognition scanners in airports (for 9/11). UK/ Australia nightclubs: Vaccine/ photo ID scanners. Bible: forced to take mark (‘charagma‘) – meaning etched/ engraved undeniable identification, and without cannot buy, or basically survive. Nigeria: vaccine card for banking services (2021). All this technology and control has accelerated since the UK first went on ‘lockdown’ in March 2020.

Urgent Update: Global Awakening: Covid19 Passports: Life Will Never Be the Same

Countries using Biometrics: Wikipedia

The long sentence in 2002 on biometrics: Identifiable physiological characteristics include fingerprints, retinas and irises, and hand and facial geometry. Identifiable behavioral characteristics are speech and signatureBiometrics theoretically represent a very effective security approach because biometric characteristics are distinct to each individual and, unlike identification cards and pin numbers or passwords, they cannot be easily lost, stolen, or guessed.” (2002).


Companies using maths to hack “millions of people’s brains”/ “reading minds,” positive and negative thoughts.” How to Survive the 21st Century. Yuval Noah Harari at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 24 Jan 2020

Yuval Harari on data: “future masters: those who control the data control the future not just of humanity (2018). Will Future Be Human? Harari at World Economic Forum (2018):

Tony Blair answer to the Trilemma: Covid19/ country shutdown/ surveillance, is surveillance, track and trace

Research on biometrics:

Biometric here means technology which identifies and measures human data unique to human beings. Biometric technology includes human computer chips, which is now available through Radio Frequency Identification (‘RFID’) the size of a ‘grain of rice.’

Research on International Monetary Fund and World Bank

International Monetary Fund means bankers at World Government level. Officially the International Monetary Fund (‘IMF’) which is based in the USA runs countries like business ie for profit. Unofficially, the IMF is linked to 2003 Iraq wars; for instance, IMF in 2011 forced Iraq to ‘privatising’ its oil; ‘streamline’ (cut) its welfare system ie benefits etc: the word the IMF used is ‘streamline.’ The IMF offers loans to countries but would the reader give a mortgage (to buy home) if there was no security? Neither does the IMF unless the country has something to offer such as paying £millions a day in interest payments, ie security for the banks at world government level. The IMF, even though based in the USA, uses the countries laws that it controls. This is a problem as the ‘democratic’ (moral country) can get away with manipulating poorer countries laws which are probably unfair laws to its own benefit.


World Bank also means bankers at World Government level. World Bank is based in Europe. It is in Europe because the International Monetary Fund and World Bank being in the USA would be a little too obvious even though both World Banking governments are USA controlled. World Bank officially helps poor countries (ie third world or developing countries).

IMF is linked also with the World Bank as it forced Iraq to take loans from World Bank for the destruction the USA led alliance, ie the United Kingdom etc caused to Iraq. These counties going to war with Ira these countries caused to Iraq.

Research trail:

key terms: imf biometric



Estonia – ID card programme.


World Gov: Biotech and human rights:

World Gov: Artificial intelligence:

Human computer chip implants research

Human implant computer chips. Current technology: Radio Frequency Identification, probably available since before 9/11 (2001). In current to reverse order.

UpdateHumans Computer Chip ResearchSweden1 Dec 2021 Vaccine passport QR Codes skin implantsMay 13 2018: 3000 volunteer RFID microchip skin implantsUpdate 1.6.21;

Bi0-hacking /Veri-chip/ Digital Angel/ other company:

2019. 15 August. Sweden. Update. 2020. 15 May.

2007. 16 November.

2007. Verichip:

2007. 19 November.

2006. 24 September:


2004. 26 July. Veri-chip news.

Human Computer Chip Research Trail


Google search terms: Sweden vaccine passport skin implants


RFID Research trail:

Google search follow key terms:

digital angel rfid


Security Scanners research

A Longer Range Body Scanner. I. D. Longstaff, H. Ashoka, M. AbuShaaban, W. Beere, and X. Liu

Risk and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Advanced Imaging Technology Full Body Scanners for Airline Passenger Security Screening (2011). Mark G. Stewart and John Mueller. University of Newcastle, Australia.


Whole Body Imaging in Airport Scanners: Activate Privacy Filters
to Achieve Security and Privacy. Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D. Canada

Research trail: Search of Google Scholar: airport body scanner. Results:

The elites remove articles.

These articles have been removed:

Biometrics council:

Biometrics International Conference:

Research of Countries “Inside Jobs:”

Operation Northwoods was a plan to kill Americans and blame Cuba. Operation Northwoods plan involved flying pilotless jets. “Operation Northwoods,” 1968. Joint Chief of Staff [Highest military officers]. CIA release under USA Government Freedom of Information by President Clinton, 1996.

24 Nov 2001: Gov buildings9/11 type biometrics

9/11 biom tech investigations, Nov 14 2001.

Senate Hearing 107-657] [From the U.S. Government Printing Office] S. Hrg. 107-657 BIOMETRIC IDENTIFIERS AND THE MODERN FACE OF TERROR: NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN THE GLOBAL WAR ON TERRORISM ======================================================================= HEARING before the SUBCOMMITTEE ON TECHNOLOGY, TERRORISM, AND GOVERNMENT INFORMATION of the COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY UNITED STATES SENATE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTH CONGRESS FIRST SESSION _ NOVEMBER 14, 2001 _ Serial No. J-107-46A _ Printed for the use of the Committee on the Judiciary U. S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE 81-678 WASHINGTON : 2002 _____________________________________

Biometrics: government buildings

My Main influence for the Global Takeover Biometrics: Humans’ Computer Chip Version work:

Rhodes, K., A. (2002) at National Preparedness Plan cites World Trade Centre attacks in 1993 up to 9/11 to justify use of biometrics:

“The term biometrics covers a wide range of technologies used to verify identity by measuring and analyzing human characteristicsIdentifiable physiological characteristics include fingerprints, retinas and irises, and hand and facial geometry. Identifiable behavioral characteristics are speech and signature. Biometrics theoretically represent a very effective security approach because biometric characteristics are distinct to each individual and, unlike identification cards and pin numbers or passwords, they cannot be easily lost, stolen, or guessed” (April, 2002).

See Statement of Keith, A., Rhodes (2002): Chief Technologist, Testimony: Before the Subcommittee on Technology and Procurement Policy, Committee on Government Reform, House of Representatives National Preparedness Plan: Technologies to Secure Federal Buildings (25 April 2002). USA. Html link here.

History of Biometrics:


Other research:

“No One Panics.” Joker played by Heath Ledger. The Dark Night. Directed by Christopher Nolan.

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